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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Disney World planning tips: First Haircut at the Main Street Barber Shop

First haircuts are special for every child and parent, but imagine how special it could be at the Magic Kingdom.  Having that first haircut at the Magic Kingdom is totally possible at the Main Street Barber Shop, located just to the right of City Hall if you are facing City Hall.  I had heard of this and seen pictures of it, but had never experienced it first hand until May 2010 when we took our sweet grandson. 

We got there about 9:15 am and there was already a small line.  Several children were in the chairs with people filming the hair cuts and hair decorations.  Some were getting their hair in a princess-do complete with glitter spray while some were there for first haircuts like we were.  Every child that left there felt special and every parent that left there was smiling ear-to-ear because their little sweetheart had been treated like a prince or princess. 

There were three cast members working that morning and going super fast but paying special attention to each child and posing for pictures when asked.  When it was our turn, Little Man was a little confused as to why he had to sit there.  He was only 9 months old but had a head full of hair and it really needed cutting so we planned that trip just for his haircut.  As soon as he sat down, the cast member began placing Mickey stickers all over him.  What a sight he was!  Notice the stickers on his toes!
She brought out the spinning Mickey toy and totally had his attention.  He would pick a sticker off and place it somewhere else and before we left, we all had stickers all over us!  He was happy sitting there and she was trimming away.  Even with him constantly moving, she was always very careful and he never really realized he was getting a trim.  Here they are deep in conversation about how much more he wants trimmed.

When she was done, our little prince got his crown, a pair of Mickey ears with "First Haircut" on the back.  He was moving too much trying to get them off of his handsome new haircut for me to get a good picture of him with them on his head though.  His new friend, the cast member, carefully packaged up a lock of his freshly cut hair and gave that to his mom along with a certificate about his most regal occassion.  The cast members all waved by to him, and he returned the wave as I was paying for his haircut. 

I would have expected to pay $10-$25 for a haircut at a normal barber shop, but this one was special. We got the Mickey ears hat, the certificate, the fun with all the pictures and video, and the wrapped lock of hair and  the total bill was less than $20 before the tip.  If it would have been three times as much, it would have still been worth it!  This may be my most frugally fun tip at Disney World other than the list of free things to do. 

When we have another little prince or princess in the family, I'm sure we will continue this tradition.  It certainly made for an event to remember! 


  1. Great post! We just had our 4 year old daughter's first hair cut at the Barber Shop in January. She was a little scared at first but once she was up in the chair she was fine. Like you said, the people were really nice and do a great job making the kids feel special. You can schedule appointments ahead of time so you won't have to wait as long. Otherwise they fit you in in between appointments. We were lucky and only had to wait for about a half hour. Another tidbit of info I wish I knew before hand, you cannot add a tip if you are using a credit card. I felt so bad because we had zero cash on us, so our barber did not get a tip from us. It's a wonderful place for little ones to get their first hair cut!

  2. I am a Disney Fanatic, but I never even knew you could get haircuts there lol....Such a great post! Thanks for the follow, and I followed you back :)