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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not enough pockets in your purse? Check this out on Tanga!

I bought my favorite Disney purse a couple years ago on my Christmas trip.  I love a purse with lots of pockets and this purse didn't have nearly enough, but it was an awesome purse--and it matched my polo shirt with the cute little Mickey's on it.  I had to have it!  I tried to use it like it was but could not find anything in it.  Then my friend saw me with it and she showed me some purse organizers she was selling.  Just what I needed!!  I bought one-it was $22 and that was at a discounted price! 

I wish I would have known about the purse organizer that Tanga has on sale today.  It's in the second chance deals at the bottom of the home page.  For only $6.98, I could have had a great purse organizer--with pockets!!  I think I will have to buy a couple more to match other purses that I might "have" to buy in the future. 

Tanga is a daily deals sight that changes each night at 10pm est.  There is always a great variety of items, such as tshirts, rings, and magazines.  You can also earn points by playing games, not to mention the fun of them. 

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