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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Use that Crock Pot- A time and money saver

Crock Pot... you know... that big thing in your kitchen that you got as a wedding present but have not used since you opened the box.  Yeah, we all have those around, but mine isn't the Crock Pot--it's that big griddle that I don't know what to cook on other than pancakes and you can only eat those so often. 

But back to the Crock Pot.  If you use the Crock Pot, you could be saving lots of time and by doing so, saving lots of money.  There are many recipes for Crock Pots and most are super easy.  If you put your food on in the morning and let it cook on low, by the time you are ready for dinner, your food is too!  All you have to do then is heat up some sides and you are good to go.  On those nights when you have ball practice and dance practice and would usually go get fast food for $20, you can come home to a nice home cooked meal for a fraction of the price.

So to get us started, here's a super easy recipe that takes hardly any time to get going, super versatile and will make your house smell so good when you come home for dinner.

Barbecue pork
1 Boston butt
your favorite BBQ sauce
Salt and Pepper

Turn your crock pot on low.  Put in the Boston butt.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Pour BBQ sauce over the meat-just enough to cover the top of the meat like you would have brushed it on.  That's usually 3 to 4 oz.  Put the lid on.

When it's dinner time, you have an awesome Boston butt just ready to go.  You can take the meat out and slice it with beans, potato salad, or whatever side you want with it, or you can tear it apart and have it on hamburger buns with french fries or chips.  Either way, it's super easy and sooo good!  You can also do country style ribs this way.

If you have a favorite Crock Pot recipe that you would like to share, send it to me or put it in the comments below.  It may just become someone else's favorite too!

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