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Thursday, April 7, 2011

$5 for a $10 CVS gift card from

Sign on to WeShop using your Facebook sign on and receive 20 coins to play the slot machine for a chance to win a CVS gift card and several other items.  I played this morning and here is a list of items I had the chance to purchase:

$8 for $15 gift certificate to (gifts and novelties)
$5 for $10 CVS gift card
$10 for $20 gift code to (art supplies)
$25 for $50 gift certificate to
$10 for $20 gift code to
$12.50 for $25 gift card to

Upon check out, I was given additional selections to choose from:
$10 for $20 gift certificate to MagicMoon Soap Works
$10 for $35.94 gift certificate to ThredUp
$12 for $25 gift certificate to

I purchased the CVS gift card for $5 and the gift code to for $10 and paid by Paypal.  I have purchased from before and love their spices!  I was as happy for that one as I was for the CVS card. 

Post back if you purchase anything and let us know what you got. 

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