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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living Social: Escape to Orlando and Daytona--5 night s for $295!

Living Social has posted a great deal on a 3 night stay in Orlando at the Kissimmee Country Inn & Suites with a free continental breakfast and a 2 night stay at the Daytona Inn on the Beach for only $295.  The Kissimmee Country Inn & Suites is a Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotel and provides a free shuttle to the Disney Parks.  This deal is good for up to four people and will expire in 6 days.  In the fine print, it says that atleast one person must be atleast 25 to check in and it expires on 4/6/2012. 

This deal can be purchased here.

1 comment:

  1. While this sounded like a great deal and I bought the package, it isn't so great in reality. The first Kissimmee Country Inn & Suites hotel we stayed at had no hot water and was short on towels. All day long we were told that the problem had been fixed and we would have hot water within 30 minutes. At 11 pm, after many 30 minute promises had been made and broken, we were given a new room in the "nicer" hotel on the other side of the pools. Unfortunately, the desk clerk told us we had all kinds of resort fees and housekeeping fees to pay daily. She told us we had to go to the 90 minute (timeshare) meeting at 1 pm the next day and that we would be charged $350 if we didn't go. All of this had been resolved, or so we thought, when we had checked in at 1 pm. My kids were tired b/c it was almost midnight and I just signed what I had to sign to get them to a room to go to bed. After speaking to a few other people, we found out that the first hotel had been w/o hot water for at least 4 days! Two people even said that it was the worst experience of their lives!! I am so disappointed at this point. In the morning instead of boarding the shuttle for Magic Kingdom, we have to straighten all of this out with the managers. Shuttles run only 3x a day each way, so we will have to wait until noon to catch the next one. And if the hotel has their way, we will have to attend a 90 minute presentation that we were told we didn't have to attend b/c we purchased through LivingSocial. We are ready to just go stay somewhere else that has the customers' best interest in mind and tries to make their vacations as great as possible.