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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great groupon deals including pizza in Orlando!

Groupon deals
One of the great deals on Groupon today is $6 for two unlimited buffets at CiCi's pizza in Orlando.  If you are taking a budget trip to Disney World or one of the other local parks, this could be a good way to have a cheap meal. 

If you are heading down the east coast to get to Orlando, you might like to try the Savannah/ Hilton Head deal.  It is $10 for a Ghost or History Carriage Tour.  The tours in Savannah are phenomenal and very educational no matter which one you pick.

If you are looking for something to do with all those wonderful pictures you took at Disney World, you could use one of the Atlanta side bar deals.  It is $20 for $45 worth of photo book products from Blurb.  Another great option is the Las Vegas deal which is $15 for $50 worth of photo books, cards and more from Mixbook.

To look your best before taking that trip, you might want the southern Georgia deal of $68 for an in home Icing teeth whiting kit from Bling.

Groupon is a daily deals site that has online deals as well as local deals.  Many deals can be bought in multiples or as gifts and range from dining deals to magazine deals to health deals to electronics deals.  There's no telling what you will find.  It is also good to check other towns to see what online deals are advertised.  For any of the deals, including the online deals, you do not have to have any connection to the location you find the deal for.  You would purchase it just like you are a resident of that area.

As you can see, there are many great options from Groupon and something for everyone.  Be sure to check out the different towns so you don't miss something you can't live without. 

Happy Shopping!


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