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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flirty Aprons-A great buy and an awesome product

In the last few months, I have ruined several good shirts (and by good, I mean the Disney polos that are $38 each-anything with Mickey is good!) because I would splatter grease on them while frying foods.  One while frying pork chops, one with cubed steak, one with hamburgers, and one with french fries.  Each time, I told myself I had to buy an apron so I could save my favorite shirts.  I never did.

Finally, I saw a post on Sunshine Rewards for a sale at Flirty Aprons on their irrregular aprons.  Since I needed an apron, as evident by the never ending pile of shirts I couldn't get the grease out of, and this would be a great price, I checked out the sale.  To my great surprise, these were not my grandmother's aprons!!  These were fashionable, cute, even hot-looking aprons with frills and ruffles in awesome colors.  They were so cute I couldn't decide which one to buy.  I kept coming back to them throughout the day and finally decided.  I needed Strawberry Shortcake, a pretty pink apron with white polka dots.  Three days later, I had a package in my mail box.  I couldn't wait to see it!  I was frying hamburgers again that night!

I ran in and opened the package and unfolded my new favorite kitchen item.  It was beautiful!!  I had to put it on right then even though I wouldn't be cooking for over an hour.  I love it!!   The fit is perfect.  The workmanship is awesome and I can't tell why it was an irregular in the first place, but I sure am glad it was!  My husband came home and we talked about just how cute my new functional attire was.  The best part was that I didn't ruin my shirt!!  It did exactly as I wanted it to and was an economical fix to my delimna.  Thank you to Sunshine Rewards for the post about the sale and to Flirty Aprons for making me such a cute and functional piece to save my shirts!!

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