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Monday, March 21, 2011

Finding deals for travel destinations-Daily deals

If you know you are traveling to a destination out of your area or travel frequently, it may benefit you to check the Daily Deal websites to see what kind of deals can be found in those areas.  One of such sites is Groupon.  Today's deal for Savannah, GA is a Ghost Tour ticket for only $8.  We travel to Savannah often and know this is a great deal.  Since most Groupons are valid for a year, I check the destinations that we travel each day in case there is something great that we might want to do the next time we travel.  I also check the national and online deals since those can be used by anyone anywhere.  I have gotten some great deals using these sites.  A list of such sites (but certainly not all of them since more are showing up all the time) can be found on my Online Deals page.  Happy shopping :)

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