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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What coupons are in the newspaper this weekend?

Do you wonder what coupons are in the newspaper each weekend and want to know if it's even worth your time to get them?  I am always wanting to know this and have found a great place to find out what is coming up each week.  We Use Coupons has a list of coupons before they come out so you have plenty of time to plan your strategies and know just how many papers you will need.  Most weeks, I buy 4 papers, but some weeks I buy many more and may order inserts from an online source.  Click here to get to the lists of coupons for this weekend's paper.

You can also find information on what the next week's ads are for most stores so you can plan where to best use all those coupons from the next newspaper.  Happy Shopping!

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