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Friday, May 27, 2011

Frugal Fridays--The Boardwalk

Not everything at Walt Disney World costs as much as tickets and staying at the Grand Floridian.  There are many free or cheap things you can do at WDW to have fun and most importantly, make memories.  Unless you've stayed at one of the EPCOT area resorts, today's tip may be one you didn't know was available.  Although you may have heard of Disney's Boardwalk Inn, you may not fully realize what is available there-especially if you've been by there in the day time. 

If you've been in the evening, then you have seen the fun side of the Boardwalk!

Disney's Boardwalk comes to life in the evenings and there are many fun things to do and see there.  There are carnival type games to play, snacks to buy like popcorn or a donut from the Boardwalk Bakery, and even surrys that you can rent to ride around the EPCOT area resorts.  You can watch a magician or see the man that climbs the ladder--without it being propped on anything! (that part was most interesting, but kind of scary watching him!)  If you are over 21, you can go to Jellyrolls or Atlantic Dance Hall.  Just past there, on the way to the Swan and Dolphin, you will find an area that looks like a bridge.  If you stand there at the right time of the night, you just might get a glimpse of the EPCOT fireworks from Illuminations.  If the game is on and you want to see it, head on over to the ESPN Club and get your game on! 

If you have some free time one afternoon and are looking for something fun to do for cheap, head on over to the Boardwalk for some great Frugal Fun!

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