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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tips and Tricks on Thursday

Today's tip is a good one for when you are planning your Disney trip and when you arrive and first see that beautiful castle standing in front of you.  The tip is RELAX!  It sounds so simple, but is the hardest thing you will do. 

Planning your trip can be super overwhelming whether this is your first trip or your thousandth.  There are so many choices to make with the resort types, themes, on site, off-site, which parks, what time of year, etc...  It just goes on and on and as much as you want this to be THE perfect trip, you also don't want to miss a thing.  Well, just know ahead of time, you will miss lots of things!  Even after I've been there over 200 times, there are still things I haven't done and seen yet and that is what makes it so special-that I can go back time after time and it never gets old. 

The best way for you to relax when you get to WDW is to plan by the theory of what is most important, not seeing and doing it all.  You will stand a better chance of relaxing if you plan this way.  Make a list of what is important.  Start with the things you must do and go down in priority.  If it's important that you see Haunted Mansion, put that at the top of your list and make sure you get it done.  If it's important that your resort choice have a pool slide, then choose from the moderate or deluxe categories. 

So for today, your plan should include relaxing.  Just relax and know that there will be more to see on other visits and take your time doing the things you must do.  Anything extra is just a bonus! 

Have a magical day!

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