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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wild Wednesday!-Dinosaurs

One of the wildest beasts would have to be the dinosaur.  Dinosaurs can be super hard to find-but not if you go to Disney World.  They seem to be lots of places there.  Some are sweet, innocent-looking dinosaurs like this one here at Hollywood Studios.  This one even provides refreshing ice cream on hot days.

Dinosaur Gertie's

Then there's this one at Dowtown Disney.  Where this one resides, (TRex-the restaurant) you can find awesome food and refreshments.


If you step on over to Animal Kingdom, you can find an entire land devoted to dinosaurs-Dinoland USA.  Here you will find such beasts as Triceratop Spin, Cretaceous Trail, Dino-Sue (who's there waiting to have her picture made with you), Fossil Fun Games (where you can play carnival like games), Primevil Whirl, The Boneyard (where little ones can dig until their heart is content!), and DINOSAUR-the biggest, scariest beast, this side of the Asia section of Animal Kingdom.  This big beast is just waiting to jump out and scare you when you least expect it.  Check it out.... if you're brave enough!

Triceratops Spin
Dino Sue

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