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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wild Wednesday!-It's hot!

When it's hot outside, one of the coolest places to be is in the pool.  Most everyone loves a good pool and Disney World has some of the best!  Since this is Wild Wednesday, we'll start with some of the wild ones and move to the more "tame" pools.

The most wild one would have to be at Port Orleans French Quarter.  Who wouldn't want to spend the day sliding down this massive slide into the nice cool water?  It is a great pool for younger children since it is not as high up as other slides at WDW pools.

If we are going to talk about wild pools, we would have to mention the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This is a zero entry pool making it super easy for little ones to get into the water without having to worry about them falling over the edge into the pool.

And who knows what kind of wild things lurk in the wild pool at Coronado Springs Resort!  It's a huge resort with a great pyramid full of fun and mystery.  Check it out!

The wonderful pool at the Polynesian Resort seems to be wild while seeming to "breathe" all on it's own.  This great volcano is the site of some great fun on hot days and even on days when it's not hot--the pools at WDW are heated so you can swim even in the winter time.  What fun!

OK, so this one may not be wild but it's one you will want to be aware of.  Some people are scared of it so we want to let them know up front so they aren't face to face with a huge clown.  Well, maybe some people we would like to take pictures of their faces when they see it.....  (No, that's ugly!)  You can find this one at the Boardwalk Inn.

And this massive "beast" of a pool has provided hours of fun for many people.  it's at the Yacht and Beach Club and is named Storm Along Bay.  This pool is huge with many great features including a lazy river.  Be aware though that there is a stipulation for hanging out with this great beast-you must be currently staying at the Yacht Club or Beach Club to gain admission--but it's sooo worth it!

This one isn't a beast at all, but since he's my favorite (and technically a mouse making him wild in some books), I get to add him.  He can be found at the All Star Movies Resort.  My kind of wild for sure!

There are many great pools at WDW, but this is a start.  Stay tuned and maybe we can show more sometime in the near future.

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