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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a beautifu day!! What to do at Disney World when it's not

Today in South Georgia, it is a beautiful sunny day.  Since Florida is known for being the Sunshine State, everyone expects it to be sunny when they go to Disney World.  Well, it may not be, but that's ok.  There is so much to do at WDW when it is not sunny! 

1.  Disney Quest--Disney Quest (DQ) is an indoor fun place.  I originally went there to do something special for my son who loves games but I ended up having a blast!  If your park tickets include the water park and more option, this is one of your options.  There are 3D games like Pirates of the Carribean ( I lost that one) and Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride, life size games like Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam that totally wore me out but I loved it, as well as old school games such as Pac Man and Frogger, and even older games like pinball.  It's a great place for days that don't have perfect weather, but also for days with perfect weather.

2.  Indoor Shows--If you are in a park, the indoor shows are a great place to be when the weather isn't perfect.  The Florida rain doesn't usually last long so by the time you get out of the show, it's usually over.  There are great shows at WDW!  My favorite is Festival of the Lion King. It gives me chill bumps to think about it! 

3.  Attractions--Many of the attractions at WDW are indoors and keep running when the rain comes.  Some attractions do shut down if it is lightning.  Many peopl leave the parks when it rains but if you are aware of how long Florida rain usually lasts, you will ride it out and enjoy the time at the parks when the crowds thin out.

4.  Dining--Check out the great restaurants at WDW when the weather isn't perfect.  There are some great places to eat and even have a snack with large indoor areas.  It's a great time to have an ice cream!

5.  Resort hop--You could use WDW transportation to check out the awesome resorts.  These resorts are so awesome and we usually take atleast part of a day just to ride the monorail loop and see all the beautiful decorations, especially if we are there during the holiday.

6.  Shop--Shop!!  One of my favorite past times at WDW.  Even if you aren't spending any money and just sight seeing, like I often do, there is plenty to do and see.  You could go in the hat shop and take pictures with the new different hats on or watch the glass blower on Main Street.  Actually, the stores on Main Street are mostly attached so it is really easy to stay inside for a while. 

As you can see, it's not always a bad thing to have some Florida rain while you are at WDW.  Just be flexible enough and know that you have options and you don't have to head to the gates and back to the resort.  Enjoy!!



  1. LOVE your site. I'm stopping by from the MBC Blog Hop to follow you. I'm just starting a series Deals to Disney, a voyage to save for our trip to WDW. I'd like to link to some of your posts.

  2. I would be so honored! Link to anything you like. I just started so it's still in the works, but if there is something you would like to see soon, just let me know.