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Monday, January 31, 2011

Going out of town? Make the most of it

We no longer have many grocery options in town and often miss out on all the "good" sales on items we all use every day.  If you are going out of town, make the most of it by buying items you need at a savings to you.  You can put those savings on anything--even a trip to Disney World!  Any dollar for Disney is a good dollar! 

Yesterday, we were going to try a new place for lunch about 30 minutes away.  It wasn't a new place for us totally because we had eaten at a Shane's Rib Shack before, but it was for this place in that town.  I decided to check out the grocery options in that town and got my list ready as well as the coupons I had clipped for items that would coincide with the sale they were having.  I chose Kroger-they are having a Mega sale and mega it was for me!  They also double coupons up to .50.  It was looking good for me!

We went to lunch then off to Kroger.  I was in there for an hour and came out with a buggy full of groceries.  My total out of pocket was $77.42 and my savings with coupons and Mega sale was $144.xx!!  My savings was 65%!  I didn't buy items we wouldn't need but did rack up on stuff we would use, like butter(.39 each after mega sale and coupons), can tomatoes(.49 each), cat treats(-.01 each!!), cat litter (.19 each)refrigerated cookie dough(1.29 each), and toothpaste (.23 each).  I bought lots of great deals, but didn't list them all here. 

Moral of the story is save your coupons and use them where they benefit you the most.  Money in your pocket is what we are after!

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