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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disney World-Free or Cheap things to enjoy

Not everything at Disney World is expensive.  In fact, some of the most fun things you can do at Disney World are cheap or free.  Some of these require a park ticket but once you're in, the activities are free.
  • Go to the Boardwalk in the evening. This is often overlooked probably because it is at a resort but it is a very relaxing way to spend an evening. It is all lit up and there are carnival-like games that do cost money but also entertainment that is free such as the man that does tricks while on a ladder (a free-standing one). These are interesting! If you want to spend some money there, you could rent a surry and ride around the resort area.
  • Take a boatride from Port Orleans Riverside to Downtown Disney. This takes about 30 minutes but is sooooo relaxing!! On the way, you will pass the Treehouses (originally designed by Walt, they were closed due to handicap regulations, then used for college interns, now you can stay there through Saratoga Springs Resort), then Saratoga Springs Resort. You will smell the awesome BBQ cooking at House of Blues as you coming into Dowtown Disney.
  • While at DTD, walk around the water's edge near the Lego store and see the Lego art, visit Rainforest Cafe and TRex (you don't have to be eating there to visit), and in the summer, you can enjoy the entertainment at the seating area in front of World of Disney. If you want to spend a few dollars here, you could go to Goofy's Candy Company and custom design your snack. The chocolate dipped Oreo's are awesome and only a couple dollars. Another option is an ice cream from Girardelli's (and maybe a free chocolate sample that they are usually giving out).
  • At any park or at DTD, you can buy a bucket of popcorn for $4.50. The buckets are usually cute and you can use it as a souvinier and the popcorn is excellent!! Sometimes all the buckets are one design but usually, each park has a different design. I have atleast 50 of these, after I cleaned out my stash!
  • Someone in the party celebrating something? Get them a pin for the occasion. It's free at the resort concierge, guest services, or at City Hall at Magic Kingdom. They have them for first visit, birthday, wedding, anniversary, and several others. They even havce "I'm celebrating" and then is blank so anything could be written in. This one was a graduation.
  • Club Cool at EPCOT has free sample Coca Cola products from around the world... be sure you have someone in your family try Beverly but be ready with the camera! (Now that's priceless!)
  • At Hollywood Studios, you can go to Animation Station and they have artists teaching you how to draw the characters throughout the day. It's really fun and you get to keep your sketch!
  • There are free craft activities for children(called Kidcot) at most of the countries at EPCOT as well as lots of fun stuff to do at Interventions. This is kind of like going to a children's museum, to me, and some of them give you stuff for free! You could also do the Kim Possible missions which are alot of fun for children. There are similar activities in Animal Kingdom.
  • Several of the resorts have free activities for children. At All Star Music, they have games by the pool and movies at night (movies at the resorts are happening more frequently and there are many that do this now). At Fort Wilderness, they have movies and sing along with Chip and Dale. You can also check out the horses.
  • See the performers at EPCOT. If you're in EPCOT anyway, check these out--the candy lady in Japan, the chidren acrobatics at China, the belly-dancer in Morocco, etc.
  • Several of the counter service restaurants serve the kids meals with plastic cups and also in clever "plates" such as frisbees or in blue lunch boxes. These are all FREE to keep and very cute.
  • If you are staying at a Disney resort, use the Disney transportation.  It's free and an easy way to get from place to place and still get to check out the scenery instead of looking for the next sign to turn to get from place to place.  The monorail and boat rides are soooo relaxing.  You may find the buses to be more crowded (unless you're on the monorail at park closing!), but it is still convenient.
  • Resort hopping is an awesome way to check out the different resorts if you want to see the decorations, check out potential resorts for your next visit, or just relax on the transportation system.  This is especially popular during the Christmas season when all the resorts are decorated so pretty.  It is fun to do this on the monorail loop!
  • Take pictures!  If you are taking your camera, go to the different resorts and take awesome pictures of your family and the sites.  We love to go to the Grand Floridian during Christmas and take new pictures in front of the Christmas tree or on the grand staircase.

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